She was voted as Ms. Dove White Skin back in high school, her physique though not included with those of long legged girls stood amazingly as she was undeniably one of the beautiful faces I have ever known. Her confidence and intelligence would capture anyone’s attention topped with her undisputed sense of humor. But most her heart radiates with kindness, strength and candidness.

No time will be enough to share all the memories we spent together, it is like a giant jar created  to keep endless experiences and stories we could only share by heart, reveries and close reminiscence. It is true that I have not been given a biological sister yet I was blessed to have a “sister thicker than blood”. Indeed, pitfalls, heartaches, hyper dose of happiness and excitement, excessive laughing and crying were those of our tasteful desserts shared over the years of togetherness. There is no vivid recollection onto what is seemed to be the most memorable. Everything from the plainest, toughest, lightest and prettiest excursions landed our top lists.

She was undoubtedly an inspiration, God gifted her wisdom you could learn from her advices and sprang confidence whenever you need final push or hard blow. She may not know this but I looked up to her as she effortlessly carried her beauty, wit and confidence and a fad example of a modern day successful woman.

A generous giver, she can maximize her entire love and happiness for the sake of her loved ones and a faithful worker who committed her heart to serve God all the days of her life.

Sissie, no words can define how thankful I am to meet such a stunning person like you, our one of a kind friendship and bonding were a precious jewel crafted from God’s love and compassion. I can never picture a life without your enormous energy and positivity, you loved me better than a biological sister and valued both my sensible and senseless attitudes/characters.

We tossed, swayed and danced through extreme moods of life’s weather and consciously live our being fabulous together. True to our beings, I know we are heading towards a different chapter of our lives (sooner though not now and maybe that could be an exclusive and special tale) but be “still, strong, steady and sexy”! We will hand-clasped conquer it well.

Happy Birthday! I Love You! and pray God will immensely clothe you with His generosity, love and care. 

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